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"We love the way you make things happen in such a
life-affirming and beautiful way - power to your pop-ups, Beccy!"

- Faith Lawrence, Producer, BBC Radio 3

(c) Karen Turner Photography

The very first 'BOPUC' event, Summer 2018, learning an record the unofficial anthem for Olympic Team Refugee in one afternoon! (Hear the results here)

"I was so apprehensive about singing with people I had never met before the first time I did one of Beccy’s pop up choirs but there was nothing to be worried about.

I come out of each session laughing and full of energy and that feeling continues through the week. Have a go ..."

"My week has been lifted!"

"I feel like I might just be able to do anything"

"I have learned some beautiful songs (all of them!) I feel all relaxed"

"I have been taken out of my comfort zone and into a lovely free expressive space. Just what I needed, thank you, Beccy!"

"I have gained the confidence to possibly join a choir. Never thought I’d have the courage to try those high notes! Brilliant!"

"I have met some great friends, experienced singing in harmony with people I have not met before. Enjoyed the whole fun, relaxed and even informative learning of singing. Amazing experience."

"I will sing all the way home, and watch out for future pop-up choirs so I can go to another one - it was brilliant! Thank you."

A pop-up choir, performing next to Dunston Staiths, Gateshead, as part of the Late Shows at Staiths Cafe.

A pop-up choir, performing alongside poet Kate Fox as part of BBC Radio 2's Free Thinking Festival

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