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A Pop-Up Choir in your workplace will unite staff at all levels in a common goal. We’ll enable people to tap into creativity and expression in ways they didn’t know were possible. This is an energising social event for the workplace with a powerful impact on both individual confidence and team performance.


We can prove the transformative power of the workplace choir. In our recent study of participants:

  • Of those who felt the contribution they had to make to a team was medium, low or very low, 100% recorded an increase after the session.

  • Of those whose perception of whether their contribution could be valuable in a team was initially low or very low, 100% felt an increase after the session.


In the Pop-Up Choir all input is of equal value: our diverse range of skills, styles and talents as a staff group are maximised. Through the process of learning, rehearsing and performing, your staff will experience how it feels to be part of a high-functioning, dynamic team.

Singing in a group provides the freedom and safety to explore individual expression and to access new skills. Perfect for those new to singing, being involved in a choir builds confidence and helps us to understand the value we each bring to working with others.


All singing voices and ability levels are welcome and all can take part. There are no auditions at a Pop-Up Choir: your value as a participant is placed upon your being there and taking part. All we ask of participants is the ability to listen, a willingness to improve, and the readiness to take direction. Then it's mainly about simply enjoying yourself and waiting for the 'performance magic' to take effect.

We’re currently speaking to companies interested in becoming partners in the pilot of Pop-Up Choirs @ Work.

If that sounds like you, please email:

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